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Optometrists Begin Job Action Sept 1st, 2021!

Optometrists have not been able to have meaningful discussions with the government for the past 30 years. They have no formal negotiation contract with the government like teachers, nurses and physicians do. So the government has the ability to turn a blind eye and ignore Optometry with no repercussions. So the Ontario Association of Optometrists made the difficult decision to notify the government in March of 2020 that if they could not commit to covering the cost to see a patient, then Ontario Optometrists would withdraw from OHIP September 1st 2021. The Ministry of Health has ignored all requests to sit down and have discussions through these past 8 months. It wasn’t until August 5th (over 8 months later) that the ministry finally agreed to sit down and have discussions. The OAO has sat down with the ministry twice since then, and the government proposed an 8% increase which would still require optometrists to subsidize over 40% of the COST to deliver an eye exam. The model is not sustainable. With our aging population more and more seniors, who are covered by OHIP, need access to care.  We are now getting to a crisis situation. So All Optometrists in Ontario are standing up for the future of eyecare. The Government needs to at least cover the cost to deliver an exam. We do have to say though that we have had overwhelming support from patients and they understand the difficult position we are in and we wholeheartedly thank them for their support. We hope this won’t last long, and the more vocal patients like you can be with their local MPP offices, the quicker we can hopefully resolve this. We encourage you to go to www.saveeyecare.ca and send an email directly to the minister of health, the premier and your local MPP in seconds.


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