Myopia Awareness Week!

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It’s Myopia Awareness Week!

Parents! Uncorrected #myopia is a leading cause of avoidable vision impairment. Whether corrected or uncorrected, myopia has an influence on the quality of life and social domains of a young person – like performing poorly in school. Here’s how you can help your child’s eye health.

Stay informed: Book an eye examination for your child with an eye care professional before they commence schooling and at regular intervals thereafter.

Take time out: get your child to take breaks from near based tasks like playing video games, and get them to look or get outside…

Get outdoors: get your child to skip, hop & move outdoors as a daily routine. Short walks, looking outside the window, anything that stretches the vision into the distance to help reduce #myopia risk.

If your child is already myopic, talk to your eye care provider about how you can slow progression and get a myopia management program. (Our Thornhill Disera location offers this new Technology!)

Visit for helpful resources on how to manage myopia risk and make your eye moves today! #MyopiaAwarenessWeek #MAW2022

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